Maxime Baud – Research Activity

Created the e-Lab in December 2018, please go to


Interview at European Academy of Neurology. “Seizures are locked to multidien rhythms in epilepsy”. Amsterdam, June 2017. Video

Article in The Scientist, “Long-Term Brain Rhythms Offer Possibility of Predicting Seizures”, January 2018. Link

Article in EurekAlert! “Monthly brain cycles predict seizures in patients with epilepsy”, January 2018. Link

Article in International Business Times. “Epileptic Seizures May Be Predictable, Thanks To Brain Patterns”, January 2018. Link


M Baud, V Rao. Gauging Seizure Risk. Neurology, 2018. In press.

M Baud, T Perneger, …, M Seeck, European Trends in Epilepsy Surgery. Neurology, 2018. PDF

M Baud, J Kleen, E Mirro, J Andrechak, D King-Stephens, E Chang, V Rao, Multi-day rhythm modulate seizure risk in epilepsy. Nature communications, 2018. PDF

M Baud, J Kleen, G Anumanchipalli, L Hamilton, YL Tan, R Knowlton, E Chang, Unsupervised learning of spatiotemporal interictal discharges in focal epilepsy. Neurosurgery, 2017. PDF

M Baud, et al. Pleocytosis is not fully responsible for low cerebrospinal fluid glucose in meningitis. Neurology: Neuroimmunology and neuroinflammation, 2017. PDF

M Leonard, M Baud, M Sjerps, E Chang, Perceptual Restoration of Masked Speech in Human Cortex, Nature communications, 2016. PDF

M Baud, JM Petit and PJ Magistretti. Sustained sleep fragmentation alters brain energy metabolism during novelty exposure in mice. Journal of Sleep Research, 2016. PDF

M Baud, S Vulliemoz, M Seeck. Recurrent secondary generalization in frontal lobe epilepsy: predictors and a potential link to surgical outcome? Epilepsia, 2015. PDF

M Baud, E Brown, N Singhal, C Hemphill. Immediate hemorrhagic transformation after IV t- PA injection in two cocaine users. Stroke, 2015. PDF

M Baud, PJ Magistretti and JM Petit. Sustained sleep fragmentation induces sleep homeostasis in mice. SLEEP, 2015. PDF

M Baud, A Uzelac, C Jay, J Talbott. CNS siderosis and orthostatic headache as a delayed complication of spinal surgery. Neurology, 2014. PDF

M Baud, PJ Magistretti and JM Petit. Sustained sleep fragmentation increases energy expenditure and decreases glucose tolerance in mice. Journal of Sleep Research, 2013. PDF

Current Position in Switzerland



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